Thursday, December 2, 2010

One of the best movies!

Those that know me well, know I have a huge love for Julia Robert's movies. She has been a longtime favorite of mine. Well her recent movie Eat, Pray, Love is truly one the best I have seen in a while. It is hard for me to get so into a movie that it really speaks to me, well this one hit me hard. I have been dealing with some pretty crummy stuff lately and feeling completely defeated, lost and honestly broken. This movie is truly a testament to life lessons and learning to appreciate yourself for who you are. Have you ever heard the saying "Nobody said life will be easy?" Well it's true, but nobody mentions how amazing that life journey will truly be if you learn to be still, quiet and enjoy it.
I have gone through some pretty tough things in my 27 years, things that have really taken a lot out of me, but at the same time have really made me into the woman I am today. Having faith has honestly gotten me through more things than I ever thought were possible, even when I didn't think I could survive it. Now being a 27 year old, military wife of 8 years, mother of two crazy active boys ages 10 and 6, I am finally learning to enjoy and appreciate who I have become.
It is honestly an amazing feeling when you wake up in the morning go into the bathroom to start your morning routine, glance in the mirror and really see yourself. I think that is really what that movie is about. Finding yourself and being happy with who you have become, even though life is not always easy.
So I say to you, watch that movie... Eat. Pray. Love. and let it speak to you. Enjoy life's journey and be appreciative of yourself and who you have become.

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